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                                                                                       Encountering Earth: ​

​Reclaiming the Human in the Web of Life

Workshops, presentations, retreats

Introducing a series of experiences that are created to engage our hearts, inform our minds, and fire our passions for transformation and celebration in our relationship with Earth.

Join us at the Dominican Retreat House In Niskayuna for the presentation of
Windigo: a Cautionary Tale from the Land of Never Enough
2/29/24 ~10 am to 12:30 visit www.dslcyn

Council of All Beings

The Council of All Beings is a colorful, sometimes solemn, creative, communal ritual that allows us to step aside from our human identity and speak on behalf of other life-forms.  It is excellent for growing the ecological self, for it brings a sense of our solidarity with all life, and fresh awareness of the gifts each species brings and damage wrought by one upstart species. Participants allow themselves to be chosen by another life-form, for whom they will speak in Council.  They prepare themselves to do this by reflecting on their life-form, often by making a mask or creative representation to represent it, and finally gathering in a formal, structured Council to share their reflections. ~adapted from Coming Back to Life, J. Macy and M. Young Brown

“I have seen that participants have a heart-expanding experience of the natural world through participating in the Council!” ~S. Linda

All that Breathes, Bless the Lord_075.jpg

These workshops use PowerPoint presentations to weave the art of Marion Honors, CSJ, music, poetry, story, sharing and science into an experience of deeper awareness of our place in the web of life.

 Beatitudes for the Care of Our Common Home: exploring the highlights of Laudato Si that call for integral ecology and ecological conversion.

Earth, Our Common Home: exploring our place in the web of life through the lens of Laudato Si, Pope Francis’ Encyclical on the Environment.

Earth: My Home: exploring our natural address in the Universe and experiencing oneness with the web of life.

Divine Mystery in the Heart of the Cosmos: exploring the Paschal Mystery in light of the Cosmic Story

Dreaming a New Way: exploring the New Story and experiencing the new vision and energy the Story brings to us.

Gifts of the Universe: exploring our evolutionary journey and our oneness with the emergence of the Cosmos.

Healing Earth: exploring the amazing diversity of life and experiencing the call to live in the dynamics of the Universe.

 Living Simply in a Consumer Society: reflecting on living in our society in a way that is free, compassionate and truly human!

Each workshop can be expanded from two hours to a daylong presentation or weekend retreat. The programs can be woven together and used as a full week eco-spirituality experience.

Sacred Mystery in the Heart of Creation

This interactive presentation integrates the gospel with our call to care for Creation. Sacred Mystery pulsates throughout the universe. Jesus was immersed in this mystery. He drew so much of his inspiration and so many of his teachings from the wisdom and wonder of Creation. The program includes reflections on the scriptures in light of the Universe Story, the Beatitudes and selected parables. Participants will reflect on Jesus' witness to the awesomeness of our Earth using images from the Hubble site, the artwork of Marion Honors, CSJ and the photography of Clare Pelkey, CSJ. There will be time for personal reflection and group sharing. This is also offered as a week-long retreat.

Faith Story, Cosmic Story ~ One Story

Participants in this presentation will explore the integration of our faith story - the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, the Paschal Mystery, with the Universe Story. We will weave the stories with art, poetry and theological reflection. The Great Flaring Forth of the universe is an invitation to contemplate how Divine Mystery enfolds the cosmos. Deep incarnation, Kenosis, deep Resurrection and the Cosmic Story are all one great mystery. There is time for reflection and sharing on integrating our faith

Dancing within the Heart of the Holy One~

This is a week-long retreat

The Holy One dances throughout the cosmos. We are invited into this Trinitarian dance of life, love and joy! The cosmos shouts that the Holy One is relationship. Out of the Trinity’s generative, loving relationship, creation takes form, fully mirroring its Creator. This is the dynamic of life planted inside everything, from hearts and circulatory systems to photosynthesis, gravity, electromagnetic fields, and the field of light that apparently is “one” throughout the whole universe. We will spend time reflecting on this mystery and the wonder of our Trinitarian God using art, scripture, poetry, cosmology and Visio Divina. Our daily themes will be: Dancing in Heart of Creation, The Dream of the Holy One, The Lord of the Dance, Dancing within the Heart of the Holy One, Living Simply and Sharing our Cosmic Story 

Pilgrim by M.Honors, CSJ

Divine Mystery in the Heart of the Cosmos~     a week retreat

Divine Mystery throbs in the cosmos as creator and lover. This retreat will invite us into deeper consciousness of the Holy One alive in the Universe, in creation and in our own being. We will explore our response as the face of the Divine for all Creation. We will seek to deepen our awareness of living in the heart of the mystery in the wonder of this Universe. Each morning we will engage in a reflective presentation that prayerfully weaves our daily theme with art, music, literature and scripture. Time will be provided for personal reflection, creative expression and sharing of the heart as the day unfolds. We will explore integrating the gospel and our call to be the face of God for all Creation. We will engage in the vision and energy the New Story brings to us, exploring our evolutionary journey and experiencing our oneness with the emergence of the Cosmos; healing Earth with the Beatitudes; and integrating the Universe Story and the Paschal Mystery. We will contemplate how Divine Mystery enfolds the cosmos and our Salvation Story.

Earthsong by M. Honors,CSJ


Celebrating Creation ~ Being Alive in the Glory. ~week retreat

This retreat is for those who want to celebrate with the Holy One alive in all creation. You are invited to take time to relax, to revel in the wonder of creation and the awe of the cosmos. You are offered opportunities to praise and thank Creator for all the beauty and marvels of nature. You are called to take time to enter into the mystery and message of Divine love that creation gives us. Each day will offer a reflective presentation featuring the art of Marion Honors, CSJ, prayer, creative response, music, dance and poetry, with time for being and re-creating.

Entering into the spirit of the retreat with praise and wonder, we will celebrate the book of nature, the powers of the cosmos, the bliss of being, and the gift of simple living. Our final celebration of this retreat is the Council  of All Beings - an immersion into the web of life.

    Spring Dialogue                             Copyright by Marion Honors, CSJ

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